Interact iPad Teleprompter [Product Review & Tutorial] – Video Production Tips by Web Video Crew

Interact iPad Teleprompter Product Review & Tutorial – Tips for Professional Video Production by Web Video Crew

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This episode covers – a brief review of the Interact iPad Teleprompter from and a tutorial how to use the iPad Teleprompter to improve your video presentations. Also available: Android Teleprompter

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4 Reasons to Love the Interact iPad Teleprompter

Basically, we love the Interact iPad Teleprompter, and we think you will love it, too. Why? Let us give you our top four reasons.

1. Flexibility

Although we call this video production tool an “iPad” teleprompter, you can actually use it with Android tablets as well. That means you can use your Samsung, Coby Kyros, or Asus with it. All you have to do to use it is to download a teleprompter app from iTunes or Google Play, and you’re basically good to go.

2. Cost

Regular teleprompter units cost anywhere from 0 to 00. Yes, you read that right: teleprompters can cost thousands of dollars, which is mostly depressing for video production beginners and startups. Fortunately, the Interact iPad Teleprompter is a lot, lot cheaper. Compared to the diamond-like price of professional units, an Interact teleprompter costs less than 0. Can you say “cheap”?

3. Assembly

Assembling the Interact teleprompter takes just a couple of minutes. Here are the steps for assembling the teleprompter:

*Set up your teleprompter in a stable stand. Most people use tripods, but you can also use C-stands and common light stands.
*Place your tablet on the teleprompter tray and set up the camera in front of the screen.
*Cover the camera and teleprompter with the black felt provided and use C47 or regular clothespins to guarantee that no light passes through to the teleprompter screen.
*Open your teleprompter app and start your video recording.

4. Uses

You can use the Interact iPad Teleprompter for numerous types of videos. You can use it for recording documentaries, interviews, training videos, and more. Although this product is mostly designed for indoor use, with great creativity, it will certainly be a reliable video production buddy for you.

Recording videos that involves long scripts can be troublesome. However, with the Interact iPad teleprompter, video production will certainly be much easier for you and your team.

To learn more about the Interact iPad Teleprompter, read our blog post

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