[THE FIRST] Insane Premiere tutorial – Editing an LTT video from start to finish – FULL commentary

WATCH THE SEQUEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ERELse_QY It’s better in every way! You don’t need to watch this one first.
In this video, I screen recorded myself editing a typical Linus Tech Tips video, from the very beginning to the very end.
You see ALL the keystrokes, and I’ve provided FULL, comprehensive commentary (which I recorded afterwards, not while editing the video.)
People have been asking for this one for a LONG time!

Editing for a channel that puts out videos every day has made it necessary for me to figure out tricks and methods to edit FASTER and MORE EFFICIENTLY. I have pioneered many tricks that I have not seen anyone else use or even talk about. In this video, you get to see it all!

TURN ANNOTATIONS ON! There are a few empty gaps in this tutorial that you’ll want to skip. My mistake!

For Premiere BEGINNERS, I recommend you watch 16:38 to 24:00. I’d say the rest of the tutorial is intermediate to very advanced.

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0:00 intro and explanation of prerequisite information
2:54 How I use multiple monitors
4:01 My G15 keyboard and use of macros
4:47 Why you should edit with keyboard shortcuts as much as possible (it’s faster)
6:48 SCREEN RECORDING BEGINS! I check the calendar to see what video I’ll be doing.
7:26 I use Explorer “favorites” for quick folder access
7:50 How we use the script (very important!)
9:29 Starting out with my template project file!
11:48 I put the “A roll” onto the timeline, nest it, and configure audio and color correction
13:55 Talkin’ about nests while we wait for audio to render!

THIS PART OF THE VIDEO WILL BE GREAT FOR BEGINNERS. It may be boring to others. I explain EVERYTHING, in slow motion.

24:00 A-roll rough cut proceeds.

40:42 A roll rough cut is done! I rough in the outtro graphics.

I fix up the A roll and ADD THE B ROLL ON TOP, according to the script guidance, and my own discretion

1:07:37 Trying to use morph cut (but it doesn’t work on nested sequences)

1:14:19 Using Shutterstock and Photoshop to make a dumb gamer picture

1:19:38 Creating and animating speech bubbles for dumb gamer picture

1:29:19 Creating Fawlty Towers graphic, I guess.

1:37:34 Putting 3D glasses on a cat.

1:41:10 Using Snagit to capture LG’s webpage about this TV

1:46:30 Still laying B-roll! It’s starting to get redundant. I recommend skipping forward!

1:54:53 Inserting a Shutterstock pic of kids fighting. Lol.

2:02:26 Sharpening and blurry-ing tests. I am always experimenting with new things.

2:05:52 “Gosh, this is boring.”

2:16:41 Fast-forwarded Shutterstock adventure!

2:18:22 Getting pretty close to the end here. Finding some nice glam shots to finish off the video.

2:26:59 AND WE’RE DONE WITH THE B-ROLL ROUGH CUT! Just fixing up the outtro graphics and stuff

2:27:58 3RD PASS BEGINS! This is when I fix up EVERYTHING, resolve the markers I’ve put down, and finalize color correction, etc.

2:40:05 More stupid color correction! My skills here have improved by now, probably!

2:45:39 3RD PASS IS DONE! The video is essentially complete at this point, and ready to be rendered.

2:48:05 Because I still have extra time, I am adding a fun graphic. Also, I pontificate upon how terribly fonts are organized.

3:01:29 THE EDIT IS FINISHED! Now we export to cineform, which is later rendered into the delivery format by another computer (not shown. lol.)

3:05:58 More stuff about peripherals that I use.

3:08:22 All of the preferences that I use!

3:22:25 All the most common keyboard shortcuts that I use!
(Full list below.)

3:29:18 Final thoughts. Please let me know what you think of my workflow! Is it laughable? (Yes it is.)
I’d love to see other tutorials done in this format!


12 new features for Premiere Pro:


How we use cineform:

UPDATE: All my autohotkey scripts!

Here is the Youtube channel I edit for!

More tutorials on Lynda.com, made by ACTUAL professionals!
(They didn’t sponsor this video, I just happen to like them!)

Another, simpler start-to-finish style tutorial, made by someone who watched this one and learned from it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9YcLD60AGg


It is thanks to the mindblowing community of video game speedrunners that I was inspired to begin editing this way.

Check out my two favorite speedruns here:

And my own (far less cool) speedrun of Spiderman 2:

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