Video Production Tips Beginners – 4 Super Easy Techniques

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I’ve seen several of you guys start to add more video to your social feeds and I’m so excited! So with that in mind, today we’re gonna talk about a couple quick tips that will level up your video game.

Video production doesn’t have to be a big scary thing, it’s actually easier than ever these days to create and upload videos that will get your audiences even more engaged. There are certain mistakes I see DIYers out there doing all the time that could be so easily fixed, so this video focuses on some of those really simple video production tips that will have you looking like a pro in no time.

This video covers some super easy tips for upgrading your:

1) Lighting
2) Framing
3) Background
4) Audio
And Bonus Tip: whether you should shoot video of your face vs. just your instrument

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4 Super Easy Tips That Will Level Up Your Video Production:

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