Video Production Tips & Hints – Portable Green Screen Studios

Welcome to RCM’s video production tips, hints and information. In this edition we talk about portable green screen studios…what they are, how they work and their benefits. First let’s start with “what is a green screen”? We see them in use every evening during weather segments on the news and in commercials and they are exactly what the name says. It’s a screen that is green…no industry jargon, nothing esoteric…it’s a screen coloured green…it can be painted on a studio wall, on cardboard or material as long as the green is consistent and well lit. So how does it work? Well once the green screen is set up, a person or product can be placed in front of the screen and then recorded. In a post-production edit suite we can replace all the green in shot with anything…a live shot, an image, photo, graphic animation…anything!
Now what if your product is green? Or what if person being recorded needs to be wearing green? Say it’s Peter Pan, Kermit the frog or more likely your CEO with their colour branded corporate green tie on. Well if we recorded them in front of the green screen and then replace all the green in shot, their tie would contain the background and would look really silly…so if that’s the case we can use a blue screen. So what are the benefits of portable green screens?…well before portable, green screens were only in only studios and that means very expensive hire costs and a locked in location. With portable green screens there is many benefits…very low hire costs; it’s around the 10th of the price, a location of your choosing; like your boardroom, an environment that you’re comfortable with; as large studios can be intimidating and the speed and ease of recording as there is no travel time.

RCMs portable green screen is large enough for ¾ body shots and has one side blue and the other side green. The set up takes less than hour and can be used in any space that can provide room for separation between the green screen and the subject and separation between the subject and the camera. We hope this information was useful and of course if you need further advice or would like to see some green screen video samples see our website at or contact us on Melbourne 9500 0053. Till next time….that a wrap!

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